About Us

My husband and I have shared a dream of building our own farm for nearly 20 years.  We kept putting it off though, because other things always seemed to wind up taking priority.  Then in early 2021, I suffered a serious health crisis that left me unable to walk for 4 months.  The doctors didn’t really know what was happening to me, and worried that I might be dealing with a situation that could end my life or leave me with a severe permanent disability.  I faced a truly dark night of the soul as I laid in bed month after month, fearing that my children might be left motherless if I couldn’t get better.  Next to that worry, my biggest emotional struggle came from a shocking grief I felt over never having pursued our dream of building our farm.  I kept thinking, “We didn’t even TRY”.  I had always felt like we needed to have more money, or be better prepared with our education, or own a big piece of land, otherwise we might risk failure.  As I lay there in bed, I realized on a very deep level that the only way you guarantee failure, is to never have even tried in the first place.  I started praying and bargaining with God, that if I could get better, I wouldn’t place anything above our dream again.  I swore that I would give it everything I had, even if I fell flat on my face, just for the chance to TRY.  After explaining my feelings, my husband agreed to my bargain with God, and said he would take that leap of faith with me if I got better.  Well, I worked so very hard on doing everything my amazing doctors and healers told me to, and very slowly I did get better.  It took us over a year, but we were finally able to make the move to our Pioneer Era home and one acre of land in Fairview, Utah.  We love this home like no other we have ever lived in.  We adore this little town and cherish the people who make up this community.  As the days go by, and we steadily build up our farm and our connections to this place, we feel more and more confident that our TRY will become a DO, because we really are doing it.  I am sure we will hit some bumps as we find our way on this challenging road to becoming real farmers, but with the support of our family, our community and our faith, I believe we will create something of great beauty and value.

I wanted to grow food that both nourishes and inspires.  By growing unusual and exceptionally beautiful varieties of the herbs, vegetables and berries that we love, I hope to inspire our children and our customers to fall in love with nutrient dense food options to feed their families and ours.  I wanted to grow flowers because they are the message carriers of our hearts.  They can say the words we struggle to know how to.  From all the different ways we need to say “I love you” as well as “I am sorry, We are here for you, We are proud, Congratulations, and, They are not forgotten”, flowers say it better.  They bring the medicine of beauty into our homes, and they bring happiness and comfort to everyone who is gifted with a bouquet.  That is powerful, and in my opinion, just as needed as the nourishment of our bodies.