Welcome to our farm!

Our Mission

At our family’s farm, in the little town of Fairview, Utah, we might be working with just one small acre of land, but we are aiming for a big impact.  We are devoted to the regeneration of the soil that feeds our plants, and to strict organic practices that protect our environment and the people who buy our crops.  We want to grow food and medicinal herbs that nourish and heal our bodies, as well as beautiful flowers that speak to our hearts.  We are passionate about collaborating with other local farmers and businesses in ways that lift us all up in cooperative success.  We are dedicated to creating opportunities for our community to gather and feel a deeper connection, through Farm to Table events, Farmers Markets, Harvest Celebrations and cooperative labor.  These are the dreams and commitments of our hearts, that we are growing steadily into reality, and we hope you will join us.

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